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Unique Features

  • Focus on correct anatomical alignment: Emphasis on precise anatomical alignment in all poses makes each pose healthy for joints, ligaments and muscles, allowing the body to develop harmoniously.
  • Accessibility through the use of rops: Rope yoga uses rops to help the student, independent of their capabilities or limitations, reach the desired pose (asana). Rolar , belts, booster ,Rope ,blocks, etc. are used in rope yoga to reach a deeper penetration into the postures.
  • Instructors complete comprehensive and rigorous certification: As a result of many many years of study, instructors can quickly recognize the individual needs of students and identify which rops to use and how. Everyone is an individual in life and in yoga instructors understand this and guide students to reach rewarding, profound poses.
  • Long time hold yoga poses: Higher levels of strength, flexibility, healing and awareness can be reached when more time is spent in each asana (pose). During this time, students reach new levels of consciousness while practicing of Rope yoga.
  • Home practice: Just like any discipline, Rope yoga must be practiced. Practice at home is encouraged and essential to growth once fundamental poses are mastered.

Rope Yoga classes in Bangkok, Thailand

​​Embrace Energy Yoga School Bangkok brings Rope Yoga class for you with its all new features and benefits. With so many different styles of yoga to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. Rope Yoga boasts a deeply rooted history, unique features, health benefits, and more - making it one of the most accessible and favorable styles of yoga.
Yogi Lalit started yoga at childhood , he traveled Indias many many stats to teach others what he had learned through his studies. Focused on precision, depth and restorative powers found yoga, he sought - and found - perfection within yoga asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing practice), bringing the body, mind and spirit together.

About Rope Yoga and Its Benefits

If you wish to eliminate the toxins that have already found room in the body, then Rope Yoga can help. The Yoga postures and breathing techniques purify the physical body. Even if you have developed some bad habits, by practicing Hatha Yoga you will lose all the undesirable cravings. All the cravings for drugs, smoke, and alcohol are caused by the toxins that are already in the body.
Any kind of craving in your system can be eliminated by Rope Yoga. It could be smoking or drinking, or overeating or oversleeping. You simply start practicing rope Yoga, and very soon you will see that the craving is going away by itself.
We all know that when the body is unhealthy, even if there is the slightest trouble in a toe or a tooth, this condition will not allow us to think of anything else. How much more is the distraction from a major organ? Putting aside the concern for spiritual life and meditation, even your studies or business would be impaired. A healthy body is really wanted then, and that can be achieved easily through rope Yoga.
There is no better health tonic than Yoga asanas. Physical exercises make us more muscular, but when a little flu comes along, people shake and tremble. It makes me laugh to see so-called intelligent human beings terrified of an invisible little virus. What can it do to you if you have that strength and stamina, that immunity! God never created us as weaklings. Through our own wrong habits we let ourselves become weak or fall sick. So let’s never be weak. We can maintain our vitality. Yoga asanas bring immunity to the body to resist all types of ailments. The asanas are effective not only for prevention of disease, but also as an aid in curing existing diseases. Rope Yoga is a cure for all illnesses, whether physical or mental. As one takes to it, the ailments begin to disappear.
What are the symptoms of good health? They include: real hunger, good digestion, sound sleep, perfect functioning of the various organs of the body, proper pulsation, timely elimination of wastes, interest in doing one’s duties, and happiness of mind. The rope Yoga asanas give you back your natural good health and vitality by eliminating all the toxins and tension, toning the spine, building the nerves, and correcting any malfunctions in the glands.
The asanas work mostly on the spine. The spine is a column of several bones called vertebrae. All the nerves branch out from these vertebrae, connecting the various organ systems to the brain. If the spine is rigid, nerve impulses cannot flow freely through the body. The internal organs become weakened and subject to disease. If you keep the spine supple, the nerves remain strong and your health is maintained. By doing the cobra pose, Bhujangaasana, for example, the upper back is stretched out and relaxed. By gently bending forward in Paschimottanaasana, the lower back gets stretched out and relaxed. The spine will bend in any way you want when you are healthy and calm. Corresponding to the gross nervous system in the physical body, there is a subtle nervous system in the astral body. The prana, or life force, operates through these subtle nerves which originate in the spinal column. The ancient yogis said that there are actually 72,000 of these subtle nerves, or nadis, in the body. All the life functions are controlled by the prana. Prana is the subtle power at the basis of life. It is the energy of the mind, the Commander-in-Chief of the vast army of cells which make up the body. When the prana is regular, the cells work in unison, resulting in physical and mental harmony throughout the entire system. This all-important regulation of prana occurs through the regular practice of rope Yoga (asanas ) with Breathing excersize ( pranayama).
A tense, rigid spine makes us feel old because the energy doesn’t flow freely. A supple spine means a free flow of energy. Even up to seventy or eighty years old you will jump like a little child. You will never be saying, “Oh, I’m tired. I’m getting old.” You’ll never be ashamed to tell your age. Symptoms of old age, such as wrinkles and poor complexion, are also caused by poor circulation of the blood which leaves toxins and other waste matter in various parts of the body.
The asanas enrich your blood circulation and wash out the toxins, giving the body a younger look and feeling.
Rope Yoga also tones the endocrine glands that have an important role in preserving the harmonious functioning of the body. These include the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, thymus, adrenals, and gonads. These glands secrete the necessary hormones, giving both physical and psychological benefits. These glands are stimulated not only by physical movements, but by thoughts as well. For instance, if you think of something delicious to eat, you can immediately note that the salivary glands are pouring forth their juices into the mouth. When you walk on a narrow plank bridging two high walls, the fear of falling kindles the pituitary and makes you giddy. An evil thought or a fit of temper disturbs the physical harmony by causing the glands to produce irregular secretions. So, we should always take care of our thoughts, making sure to invite only virtuous ones into the mind. “Even our destiny is decided by our endocrine glands,” said Albert Einstein. The ropeYoga asanas and breathing techniques help to keep the endocrine glands in perfect balance and healthy condition.
When you do the shoulder stand, Sarvangaasana, for example, the thyroid gland at the base of the throat is toned. The hormone produced by the thyroid complements the other hormones and helps them to do their work. The shoulder stand is very beneficial to the thyroid gland and thus all the glands in the body. Ultimately, the shoulder stand benefits the entire body.
When you do the bow pose, Dhanuraasana, the adrenals are toned. Maybe, if the glands are completely damaged, we may not be able to repair them fully, but slight derangements could easily be corrected. In our years of practice and experience in rope Yoga, we have come across many people who have recovered from their ailments, some of them considered “incurable.” With proper diet and proper Yoga practices, asanas, and breathing, one can overcome almost all types of diseases.

Health Benefits

Rope yoga have multiple ailments and disorders. High blood pressure, depression, chronic neck and back pain,soldrs pain ,cancer ,regenreting spine ,miegrean ,brean tyumer ,sitica , heart attack etc . and immunodeficiency are just some conditions that he aimed to heal with his practice.

Practicing yoga improves overall health and well-being.

    Benefits include:
  • Increased strength, balance & flexibility.
  • Vitality
  • Emotional clarity and stability
  • Increased awareness & self-knowledge
  • Peace of mind

Ways of Practice

One of the greatest things about Rope yoga's practice is its many practices and variations that accomodate all types of students. Learn more about types of poses, the purposes they serve, and access a gallery to see them in practice.

Teaching Credentials:

Rope Yoga instructors are held to the highest standards. Teaching requires intense study, deep understanding of the body, and a detailed comprehension Rope yoga 's methods and teachings. As a result, all instructors have experienced years of learning and practice. These standards ensure that students are provided with a with high-quality and proven experience.


Yogi Lalit is the founder and master of Rope Yoga. To better understand his style of the Rope yoga.
Rope Yoga is the style of yoga developed by yogi Lalit ,in Rishikesh India. It places an emphasis on precise alignment in yoga postures to maximize the benefits of the poses and on the use ofn Rops to meet individual needs. This style incorporates unique methods of accessing the body's intelligence. It also relies on developed therapeutic and restorative practices for various ailments. These include back problems, headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.